Car Week

30 March, 2022

Over the past number of weeks we have shared plenty of tips for purchasing your new car, be it brand new or second hand.

We shared the differences between a car loan with First South Credit Union and a PCP and walked through the costs of
importing a car from the UK, post-Brexit.

We busted common car myths and provided tips on how to avoid a car breakdown.

You heard from one of our Members and their experience of borrowing from First South Credit Union to purchase a car.

There were tips on buying a second car and questions to ask.

We talked about how to buy your very first car and bad driving habits to avoid, as well as top tips for buying an electric car.

And finally we gave you 10 reasons a car loan from First South Credit Union is better than a PCP.

If you are convinced that First South Credit Union is the path for you, or you are still on the fence, give us a call today and
speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly loan officers.