Tips for Buying a Second Hand Car

9 February, 2022

One of the most crucial tips when buying a used car is to know what to ask and what to look for as this is the first step towards
investing in the right car for you.

As well as asking questions, inspecting a used car with your own eyes would be highly
recommended, or having an inspection carried out by a professional. Private sellers may not know all the answers so getting a
mechanic or someone who is experienced with cars to look at the car if you are serious about buying it is a good idea.

There is scope to haggle or trying to negotiate when buying a used car. Shop around before you buy, check car buyers’ websites
and magazines so you know the average price for the type of car you want, based on the specification, mileage etc. Don’t make a
rushed decision, there are plenty of used cars available, so you have lots of options.

And finally, if you are buying a car privately, you should be very careful about how you pay. Always try to pay by a traceable
method, such as by card or bank transfer. Paying cash is risky as you will have no record or trace of your money if something
goes wrong.

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