At First South Credit Union we are always looking to grow our community of 33,000 members. That is why we are happy to introduce our CU@Work initiative. If your place of work is located within our common bond then you are entitled to join us at First South Credit Union.

What are the benefits to having an employee scheme tied to the Credit Union?

  • Easy payroll deduction for staff
  • Ease employee financial worries by having a friendly and personalised financial institution at your doorstep
  • Access to one of Ireland’s most progressive credit unions
  • Regular site visits – allowing new employees to become members of First South
  • Effective and easy way to save
  • Our student loan rate can help employees fund their own re-training and career development
  • Full Online Banking facilities, In Autumn 2019 we will have a Mastercard Debit Card available for members to avail of if they wish.

We will handle everything from the opening of accounts to arranging regular site visits so your new staff can make loan applications, set up direct debits or provide help with setting up our online service.