With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) now in the Republic of Ireland, we are conscious some Members may wish to avoid coming into our offices to carry out transactions.

How to avoid queueing in our offices:

1. Apply for a Current Account

With your Credit Union Current Account, you can pay bills online and obtain a Debit Card which will give access to funds from any ATM or Point of Sale. This will allow you to do your shopping without the need for physical cash.

2. Online Access

If you have online access to your Credit Union accounts, you can always transfer money between your accounts. If you have forgotten your login details please call us on 021-4965134 > Option 4

3. Register for Online Access

To obtain a Current Account or Online Access you must first register at Please note, it takes up to 5 working days to receive your PIN for online access and Current Account.

4. Loan Repayments By Phone

Make a loan repayment using your debit card. Call us on 021-4965134 > Option 8

5. Direct Debits

Set up or Amend a Direct Debit over the phone by calling 021-4965134 > Option 3

6. Loan Applications By Phone

You can make a loan application by calling 021-4965134 > Option 1