7 Reasons why you need a 1CU account

In a world where the leading banks are doing away with personal service and adopting an automated approach, at First South Credit Union (1CU) we take pride in offering a truly personal service. Every branch, every phone-call and every e-mail is managed by our dedicated team to make sure that we provided you with the best service. 


If that hasn’t convinced you to open an account at 1CU, here are seven more reasons: 

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Competitive Loan Rates

Join today and apply for your tailored 1CU loan the same day!  Our rates are very competitive and we are available to discuss your needs with you in person, over the phone or by email. 

Pay less - Get our Globally Accepted Debit Card when you open your Current Account today!

Enjoy total control over your money while paying less fees.  See our website at to learn more.

Best Customer Service Award

For six years running, Credit Unions collectively, have won the CXI Best Customer Service award. No other financial institution has ever even made the top 10!  

1CU is a Not-For-Profit Organisation

Our aim is to make financial services accessible to all and any profit is returned to Members or used to better our services.  The better we do, the better you do!


1CU is Convenient and Accessible

  • Four Branches in Cork City and County
  • 3 Wheelchair Accessible Branches
  • Great online banking facility and phone service

You Share Ownership of the Credit Union

One Member, One Vote. 


We are local and support our Community

We are very proud of our locality which stretches from Dillons Cross, through the City Centre and Ballyphehane/Turners Cross all the way to the Old Head of Kinsale!  We contribute to clubs, schools and other organisations in our locality.

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