Many of us have increased our online purchases as a result of Covid-19 and in the run-up to Christmas.  If you’re expecting any packages, you’re a good target for scammers. Shipping scams are very common around Christmas time and during shopping seasons such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  We are aware that shipping scams are circulating at the moment.

Be very alert about texts and emails that look like they were sent from the usual package delivery services such as An Post, FedEx, or DHL.  A scam text/email could contain a notification of package arrival, delivery failure or request the payment of an additional custom fee.  The scam could contain links requesting confirmation of your personal or payment information.  Some texts/emails may also tell you to take immediate action to avoid penalties. Over the years, shipping scam texts/emails have been perfected and con artists will use names, logos, and other relatable information of a legitimate company.

If in doubt, contact the shipping company or the online store directly to check if the information in a text/email is correct  Be extremely cautious about links requesting your Credit Union Account or banking information.

Wishing all our Members a happy and safe Christmas shopping experience. 

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