We have introduced a new First Time Borrowers loan rate, available to all members who do not currently have a loan with First South Credit Union. The loan interest rate is 7% variable (7.23% APR) and the loan can be for any purpose*.

Type of Loan  Amount of Loan Variable Rate  Repayments Term Monthly Payment  Total Cost of Loan 
First Time Borrower  €5,000 7.23% (APR) 3 Years €154.40 €5,557.14
  • Loan is available to new and existing members
  • Cannot have an existing loan with First South Credit Union
  • Only available to each member once
  • Can be for any amount
  • Normal loan procedures apply

*If the loan is subsequently ‘topped up’, the First Time Borrower loan rate will be superceded by the new top-up loan rate.


For a €5,000, 3-year variable interest rate loan, with 35 monthly repayments of €150.40 plus one final payment of €153.60, an interest rate of 7%, a representative APR of 7.23%; the total cost of credit is €557.60; the total amount payable by the member is €5,557.60. Information correct as at 24/01/2020.


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