There are three quick and easy ways to apply for a loan with First South Credit Union

  1. Call into one of our four offices located in Lower Friars Walk Ballyphehane, 24/25 South Mall, or Market Street Kinsale, Streamhill Dillons Cross Mayfield, and speak to one of our loan officers.
  2. Call the office on 021-4965134 and make the application over the phone.
  3. Enquire online by going to


We aim to have loans reviewed within 24 hours of the application being received. However, there may be supporting documentation needed and this can delay the process. Supporting documentation can include but is not limited to:

  • 1 recent payslip
  • 3 month’s bank statements (showing mortgage payments, income etc.)

Loan applications cannot be completed without this necessary supporting documentation. We advise that members bring the supporting documentation with them when applying for a loan.


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