Introducing Our New Mobile App

20 October, 2021

Available now on the Google Play Store and IOS App Store, our new app has everything you need to manage your Credit Union account from your mobile;

Benefits of our new app


There is nothing more frustrating than somewhere being closed when you need it.
With our mobile app you no longer have to worry about us being closed. You can access your account 24/7, 365.


Is can be all too awkward to get through traffic and find parking. And let’s not get started on the dreaded queuing.
How convenient would it be if you could just skip all of that and still get your Credit Union business done?

With our new app, you can do just that!


Knowing what you have in your account at all times can make it much easier to control your budget. Our new app allows you to check the balances on all of your accounts at 1CU and easily manage your Direct Debits. You could very possibly become a budgeting Master*!


Tired of all those balance dockets filling up your 1CU book?
Does the sight of paper statements make you shed a tear for the trees?

Go paperless with our new app. View and download your statements with just a click of a button!

* The use of our new app is only available to Full Service Members.