Due to the tremendous interest on our Lending Products over the last Financial Quarter, we have now reached the maximum we are permitted to lend in the Agri Lending category under the Central bank Regulations.

Under regulations, Credit Unions can only lend 7.5% of their assets in the category of both Agri Lending and Mortgages. The Credit Union can seek to increase this percentage to 10% and make a further application to increase the limit to 15%. Your Credit Union is currently in the process of applying for theses increased Regulatory Limits. However, this process will take a number of months to progress to a decision.

Whilst your Credit Union has Assets in excess of €210Million, at the 10% Regulatory Limit we can only have a combined exposure of €21Million in Agri Loans/Mortgages.

Regrettably, this means for the foreseeable future we cannot accept any new Agri applications.

We will continue to update our Members on the progress of our application to the Central Bank.

George Cantwell, CEO


AgriLoans with First South Credit Union

Are you in need of an Agri Loan?

With an Agri Loan from First South Credit Union you will gain access to the finance you need to expand your agricultural operations and get your farm operating at the level you want.
Whether you’re looking for a new tractor for the silage season or a new shed to store the harvest, we are here to help.

Credit Union Agri Loans can assist you with:

  • Upgrading your farm infrastructure and buildings
  • Purchasing new equipment to increase your farm’s output
  • Acquiring day to day working capital
  • Increasing your stock size


Loan Interest Rate

We offer a highly competitive variable rate at just 6.76% (6.98% APR).

Loan Amount

Members can borrow up to €75,000 unsecured.

Loan Term

Spread your repayments out over a maximum term of 7 years.

Standard Information

Please see our Standard Information Booklet on SME Lending including Agri Loans for more information on the application process and how we deal with Agri & SME Loans.

If you are facing financial difficulty, please refer to our Information Booklet for SMEs in Financial Difficulty

For more information, please contact our loans department:


Contact Number:

A loan of €5,000 at 6.76% variable interest rate (7.00% APR) repayable over 5 years would have 60 monthly repayments of €98.46. Total amount repayable is €5,907.60. Total cost of credit is €907.60. Figures correct as of 30/05/2022.

      Warning: The cost of your repayments may increase.


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