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Payment Options

At First South Credit Union we can do it all.

Direct Debits, Standing Orders, bill payment facilities, have your wages paid into your account and more all for just €4 a month*.


An automated transfer of funds on a regular basis from another financial institution into your Credit Union account.

Instruct us to send funds from your account on a regular basis to a third party. Ideal for paying insurances, utility bills, gym membership or any other expenses.

You can now pay your bills online or in branch.

Transfer funds to a friend, or to another account electronically, online or in branch.

You can opt for an electronically enabled account which equips you with a unique IBAN.

Make a loan payment online or over the phone using a card.

Using Payment facilities

Availing of payment facilities

To avail of electronic payment facilities online you must be a Full Service Member.

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Please note: if you are not a Full Service Member, electronic transfers completed in-branch will incur a fee of €1 per transaction. Click here to find out more about Fees and Charges.

If you would like more information on payment options at First South Credit Union please contact us today.

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