An inbound Direct Debit is ideal for transferring funds from another financial institution in to your First South Credit Union account periodically in order to repay a loan or to build up savings.

Pop in to one of our offices or call us on 021-4965134 (option 3) and a member of staff will assist you in completing a Direct Debit Mandate form. This form authorises the Credit Union to deduct a specific amount from your bank account on a regular basis and pay it into your Credit Union account.

Setting up an outbound Direct Debit is a great way to ensure your bills are paid on time.

A Direct Debit can be set up with any service provider. It is a simple and reliable way of making repayments, ideal for monthly or quarterly bills such as electricity, gas, oil, phone etc.

To set up an outbound Direct Debit you require an IBAN and BIC for your Credit Union account. If you do not have an IBAN and BIC please contact us on 021-4965134 for further assistance.