A quick, easy and secure way of managing your funds.

An EFT ( Electronic Funds Transfer ) is the transfer of funds from one account to another electronically, like a Direct Debit or a Standing Order.

  • Quick, easy and secure
  • No queuing
  • No worries about remembering to pay at the right time (Standing Order / Direct Debits)
  • Your First South Credit Union Account is fully SEPACompliant meaning you can send and receive payments from anywhere in the Euro Zone. 

    * (Single European Payment Area) 

Have your wages or social welfare paid directly IN to your Credit Union Account.
To receive funds IN to your account you will require an IBAN and BIC. If you do not have an IBAN or BIC for your Credit Union Account please contact us for further assistance. 

Paying funds OUT of your Credit Union Account.
You can transfer funds electronically to bank accounts anywhere in the SEPA zone by calling into your nearest First South Branch.