Our Credit Union provides a competitive car loan product for our members with a discounted interest rate for loans of €3,500 or more. All new car loans over this threshold can avail of the new rate, whether the car is brand new or used!

Type of Loan  Amount of Loan Variable Rate  Repayments Term Monthly Payment  Total Cost of Loan 
Special Car Loan €5,000 7.23% (APR) 3 Years €154.40 €5,557.14

*Plus one final payment of €153.60 for first time borrowers. Figures correct as of 24/01/2020.

A car loan from First South Credit Union is free from the inherent dangers of Personal Contract Plans (PCPs), such as fixed repayment terms and bubble payments at the end of the contract.

With a Car loan from First South Credit Union you:

  • Don’t have to make a large lump sum deposit
  • Don’t have to make a large final payment
  • Won’t have your interest rate change if you miss a payment
  • Won’t have any hidden fees or charges
  • Will always own your car

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