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Art Competition - First South Credit Union Ltd

The 2023 Credit Union Art Competition is now open for entries.



The annual ILCU Art Competition is an exciting event organized by the Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) to support and promote artistic talent across Ireland. This competition invites participants of all ages to create artworks that explore the theme and showcase the beauty and wonder of the world through their own unique perspectives.

The competition has gained significant popularity, attracting over 30,000 entries each year. It is run through a network of over 469 credit unions located throughout the island of Ireland. Participants have the opportunity to express their creativity and showcase their artistic skills in various mediums, including painting, drawing, and mixed media.

The Credit Union Art Competition not only provides a platform for artists to share their work with a wider audience but also celebrates the power of art to inspire and connect communities. It continues to be one of the most successful annual promotions undertaken by the credit union movement, fostering creativity and appreciation for art throughout Ireland.

The competition is open to anyone aged 7 years and under, as well as those aged 18 years and above.

Age Categories: The competition is open to participants of different age groups, ranging from seven years and under, all the way up to 18 years and over.

The age categories are as follows:

  • 7 Years and Under
  • 8-10 Years Inclusive
  • 11-13 Years Inclusive
  • 14-17 Years Inclusive
  • (Adult) 18 Years and Over

Additional Needs Category: The Additional Needs Category is designed to encourage participants with physical or intellectual disabilities to submit their artwork. Teachers play a crucial role in supporting and facilitating the participation of individuals in this category.

Group Entries: For group entries, there are no specific age categories applied. All group entries will be judged together. Only one entry form is required for the entire group.

There sure is. The theme for this year’s Credit Union Art Competition is ‘My Community & Me’. This year’s theme gives you the opportunity to present your own interpretation of what your community means to you.

The competition invites you to create artwork that depicts the theme and explore through your own unique lens the beauty and wonder of your Community and portray that on paper or canvass.

All entries must be submitted in landscape orientation only, in either of the following formats:

  • A3 (420 x 297mm)
  • A2 (594 x 420mm)

Other sizes and portrait oriented entries will be disqualified from adjudication.

Absolutely! Your entry can be drawn or painted in:

  • pencil
  • charcoal
  • pen or ink
  • felt-tip markers
  • crayon
  • pastel
  • water colours
  • gouache
  • acrylics
  • oils
  • poster colour
  • collage
  • Prints done from a lino block, wood block or any other method may also be submitted.

No computer aided design (CAD) may be entered.

At the local level of the art competition, there will be exciting prizes for the winners in each category.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be recognized with a plaque, a medal, and a certificate as a testament to their creative achievements. Winning first place at the local level means you will progress to the regional round of the competition, where you will have the opportunity to showcase your artwork in a broader arena.

But that's not all! In addition to these prestigious accolades, all winners will also receive a well-deserved monetary prize. So, not only will the talented artists be honored and celebrated, but they will also have the opportunity to enjoy a tangible reward for their exceptional artistic skills. It's a fantastic way to encourage and support the creative talents within our community!

The art competition closes for entries at 4:45PM on Friday 13th October.

How to Enter

Entry Form

To enter the art competition, download and complete the form below. Attach it securely to your artwork and drop it to any FSCU branch before 4.45PM, Friday 13 October 2023.

If you would like more information please contact us today.

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