Primary School Education Grant

The EDUCATION GRANT from First South Credit Union is a bursary awarded to primary schools within the common bond.

Every month, two schools will receive €500 each to use as they please.
• Science Week
• School Garden
• Guest Speakers
• School Tour
• School Bike Rack
• Art Supplies
• etc

Check out some of this years recipients in the gallery below.


Start Money Smart

Start Money Smart is a primary school resource developed by the ILCU, the ILCU Youth Committee and online educational company Twinkl Ireland.

Aimed at students in primary school, the resource is tailored for each level and explains finance in a fun, easy to follow, and engaging format. It teaches students how money works with activities that include real-life scenarios, problem solving and story-telling. It also allows them to explore their relationship with money so they can make more informed decisions.
Start Money Smart has been designed for delivery by teachers in a classroom setting but parents can also download the resource for fun activities at home with children.
Click on the headings below to download resources

Activities for first and second class  focus on maths problems, but with real scenarios such as shopping. At this level the concepts of work-and-reward and budgeting are introduced- with resources like a reward chart for the classroom or home, and how to create a budget for a family or class trip.

There is also a section which explains what a credit union is, and how it works.

History of Credit Unions



Reward-Chart-Pack List-Addition-Activity-Sheet_1

This level builds on the concept of budgeting and saving, asking students to create a budget for a fun activity (such as a birthday party) whilst also incorporating maths problems. It helps students understand the difference between investment buying and impulse purchases through sorting activities.

A deeper knowledge of the credit union in Ireland is also provided, through lessons and interactive work.

History of Credit Unions





For fifth/sixth, the resource looks at the topics of spending, earning and saving money with flash cards and a money saving challenge worksheet. It explores the idea of impulse buying through a ‘save or splurge’ board game, and looks at the key financial words in a financial literacy fact file and PowerPoint.

It also includes a timeline with the history of the credit union.

History of Credit Unions



Senior Money-Saving-Challenge-Worksheet









Start your child on their savings journey

How to open a savings account

To open an account for your child you will also require an account. To find out how to join, please click the link below.

Documents required

Proof of address is required for the parent only, providing the child resides at the same address. This can be any of the following:

  • Bank Statement
  • Utility Bill
  • Revenue Correspondence
  • Social Welfare Letter
  • Car Insurance Letter
  • Health Insurance Letter
  • HSE Letter

While we don't take a copy of the document verifying your PPS, we still require proof.

For the child, a PPS Registration letter will suffice. You can also choose to provide a medical card or other card showing the PPS number.

We also require proof of PPS for the parent opening the account.